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Apr 24, 2010
RETONKILL! my savior!

I was baking cupcakes the other day with Tracia. Here's e ingredients in case u might wanna try make it yourself :)

5 eggs

Simple as 123.. the steps are easy too. Dont be lazy go google it! My eggtarts were a bit burnt but it was nice overall just a little too sweet. But ive already cut down 50ml of sugar. :(

Was going on chatroulette with my friends these few days and nothing much just 50 men jacking off -.- ya.. it was so boring cos i had to keep clicking next came across this old men about 70 yrs old.

ME: Hi grandpa
OLD MAN(waves)
ME: Are you a pedophile?

Fuck seriously, you really meet weird people in chatroulette. Some decent ones i would say. was wondering what's so fun about chatroulette, and i realised there's nothing fun unless u like meeting random strangers and seeing black, white, jewish, irish etc men jacking off on the net. It's better called "free porn going wild". nuff said bout this.

This is the imp shit! Yst afternoon, Ili and Beck came over my place. While i was skyping with J, Ili found termites on my floor! I thought she was messing with me, i went to take a closer look and saw 4 tiny white worms on the floor. I looked up and saw my cupboard infested! They have built a FUCKING COLONY in my cupboard!!!!!!!!!!! horror TTM! GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS meter x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
they dispossed their food (wood) into tree branches like shape! I had goosebumps all over me for a whole 2 hours! I cried cos it was fucking sick and i called my mom.
"No point crying now honey, I'll call Retonkill, ure a big girl now."


I was horrified. I didnt want to stay in tht termite infested room any longer. So we went out for chicken rice. Retonkill came and i swear the minute the guy came out of his van, i saw a halo on his head. He was like a hero to my rescue! With him around, i wasn't scared! But the bad news is i have to leave their nest there for a week for them to bring bck the poison and kill all of them. therefore, im crashing over Jon's place for the next week or so. The hero is coming bck on Friday .. I pray everything will be cleared by then.


Apr 22, 2010
It's been a long time my love :)


It's been a long time my loves! i swear i totally forget i still had a blog! I'm starting
work on Monday. My mom met an accident today.. 7 cars accident, she was the first
car :) She came back really happy telling me her whole story and laughing all the way
because she is certain she does not need to pay anything, which means the 7th car
needs to pay til siao! Tht fucker better pray he tio toto tmr..

I love my bberry! but i want it to be chio! It's so original now.. black.. i want it pink!
baby pink! argh! it's ok la, i'll wait for the shipment -.-Had Katong Laksa just now
with Beck! yummy :) then baked egg tarts.. really ! not bad for first try. LOL!

Time pass really fast! next yr's May I'll be going to OCU lo. It's 11 months ltr and i'm
already excited =D I cannot wait to get out of this shit hole!

Oct 22, 2009
Mommy and daddy :(

There will not be any pics yet cos i havent uploaded any. Not to mention i have no mood and all the pics have no link to what im gonna post now. I have always wondered if i became a better person, no nonsense whatsoever, will my parents be loving once again? I have always thought the reason why my parents' relationship turned sour is beacause they are always arguing over me. But i guess tht is not the reason. OK, maybe i was partly the reason but not the main one.

Whatever my papa told me today spoiled my day and made me feel sad and sympathise with my him. It all started when i sat down to have dinner with him just now. He told me he was going to undergo a brain operation to adjust his nervous system cos his left ear could not fuction anymore which causes him to have sleepless night sometimes cos of the irritating "buzzing" sound. And i asked him what did the doctor say? Did they think it's a good idea to undergo this operation.Most importantly, will there be any danger? He told me "50-50".

WHAT'S THT SUPPOSE TO MEAN ?!! 50-50? i was worried. But papa made the decision and i respected it. So, i told him to let me know when is it and ill be there.

papa: dear, your mom wont care. Even if your mom and i bumped into one another in a shoppong mall, she wont acknowledge me.

And he told me so much for that one hour. The thing is my mom looks down on papa and everyone can see it even my friends! This is how obvious my mom shows it. My dad is a photographer and mommy is holding a sales director post and obviously my dad doesnt earn as much as my mom does.

Im angry! Im sad! Im so many negative feeling all mixed together. Why mommy? so what if papa doesnt earn as much as you? He is still providing for this family. Why did you have to say those harsh words to him and hurt him? My father is not young anymore in fact he is already 62.. and he told me "papa is just gonna sit and wait to die"

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU?!?!?! I dont like it when you say this you know papa!!!!! I hate it! i hate it so much i wish i was not born to witness and feel tormented by all these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will provide for the both of you in future I swear i will! The both of you only have me, im your only child! I will not throw the both of you one side so pls dont say those things anymore!!!!! I love the both of you so much !

Sep 16, 2009
Pasir Gudang

This post is a little outdated cos the event was on last Sunday! muahahaha... We went to PG ( Pasir Gudang) for track day. Jon got 2nd! hahaha YOU LUCKY BASTARD! Met Yan inside to eat Bak Kut Teh then met Kenneth and co at PG =) They practiced for 2 hours cos the 5 laps race was at 4pm.

Anyhow, when we were there it was still the bike race and i saw Azri ( HKL racer), we chatted for awhile. He was asking me why wasnt i working in HKL anymore. hahahaha .. Well, i know there's a summary to every story but this is really a long long long one. So another day.

Jon was actually leading at the last 2nd lap but the water temp rose and he slowed down and end up 2nd. But i told he did a great job and i was proud of him. Well you gotta be happy with what you have right?
(Below are the video and pics of the race)

Ok.. anyhow, i finally watched TWILIGHT! thank yoooooooo YVONNE =) and thanks to you, i got addicted after watching it. I actually went to youtube to watch all the videos they had on TWILIGHT and almost went to POPULAR to get all 4 series of the storybooks. LOL but the addiction only lasted for like 20 mins? The movie BRUNO was boring. FUCK YO JJ! LOL He was the one who told me "The movie fucking dope la!" then i went around to look for the dvd and finally i got to watch it and it was such a disappointment! Plain boring...

These few weeks i have been really sick and busy so my blog hasnt been updated. But at least i took the time to update now! LOL .. This coming SAT is JJ's birthday and I cannot wait because because!!!!!!!! I'll get to meet POOVY, ANGEL and co and weirdly DEREK CHAN! hahahahahaha ok one thing common about JJ and I is we have loads of friends in common (excluding Jon's friends) and i mean A LOT!!! So, taking JJ's birthday as a chance of catching up with my friends too! LOL !

These past few weeks ive seen the changes in me =) good changes. Well ive become the old jocelyn once again. It was difficult gaining bck the confidence and ego. But one thing ive learnt and realised " Humans are probably the worst kind of breed around!". And i will live my life for me and no one else. Im happier this way and i will not give TEN FLYING FUCK what others might think. I will love the people who deserves to be loved and hell to those dickheads..this is how i think everyone should be cos there is no such thing as " HAO XIN YOU HAO BAO". (Good deeds will be repaid). FUCKING NO SUCH THING so stop having this mindset you will be just lying to yourself.









Aug 31, 2009
Let's go Upside down!

Phooyoo!!!! It's been DRAMA ... DRAMA and more DRAMAS .. these past few weeks! I am back with Jonathan and he has been really sweet but im worried things might change after some time again. Im not gonna blog about anything regarding these dramas cos IM UBER UBER TIRED!

I nnnnneeeeeddd a long long break! From everyone! People have been calling me to go here and there. Crying to me... Asking me for help. In the meantime, I HAVE MY OWN PROBLEMS LA DEY! It's not that i dont wanna lend my listening ear or anything, It's just that there will be this time in your life when you just wanna shaft yourself away from everyone! And this is the time for me.

I wanna go to Hawaii, lie on the beach looking at the coconut trees swaying while think of all the dramas going on in my life. I havent been so tired for a long long time. I remember the last time i felt like this was back in secondary school. When i decided to change for the better. LOL and so i told my mom that i wanted to be alone and i went to Tokyo and stayed in Tokyo Disneyland's Hotel for a week! LOL. I came back with a whole new me! But now, as i get older, the problems im facing are so much more complicated than before and not easy to deal with. There are more responsibles i have to deal with and i cannot just shaft myself away from the world. So i have to learn to face them and fucking deal with it! Not easy i tell you... Im losing all my ego and confidence all of a sudden. I need to gain them back quick cos i feel fucking pathetic now. I ve never been like that. "OI! give me an ego booster plox!" :)

Running away is definitely a very very good idea. It's like choosing the easy path. But come to think about it. It's easy for me to just run away like that, but as time goes by, the one suffering will be no one else but ME. So i've come to a decision to walk the tough path and know that at least ive tried. I have done my part as a girlfriend, friend and daughter. My previous post was full of agony, looking back, im wondering when have i become so pathetic? It's good to look back sometimes, cos tht is when u know u have made a mistake, reflect on it and WAKE UP!

Here's something about me. I ll hate someone so much but after some time ill just forgive that person cos life goes on right? Here's a toast and shoutout to everyone i ve used to hate! LOL

"I NO LONGER HATE YOU!!! LET'S BE FRIENDS AGAIN =) come talk to me!"